Our connection to the Estrela Mountain Dog breed comes from our childhood when, living near the Estrela Mountain, we saw majestic specimens that occasionally appeared with their flocks or were guarding estate property and from the tales we heard about their bravery, faithfulness and gentleness which accompanied us during our lives until in 1983 we acquired our first dogs: “Ronnie” and “Dog”.Those eternally present friends created in us the wish to share our lives with more specimens and to do something for the benefit of this breed which beyond its extraordinary beauty is also one of the most valuable items of the Portuguese heritage, one of the best working, guardian and company dogs.Thus the “Cabeço do Seixo” kennels were born in the town of Fundão right in the foothills of the Estrela Mountain.Our concern with the breed and the passion for what we do led us to decide to evolve in a professional way as breeders of the Estrela Mountain Dog, since 1996.

Ronnie, the first Dog of “Cabeço do Seixo”